1) A Safe place to hunt.  If anyone else is hunting or fishing  on the property, they are a guest or a member and they are signed in at club house. If they are hunting or at the rifle range they are pinned in on the map. Only members and guest have  the right to hunt or fish the property.

2) With the property located in Moore and Richmond Counties you enjoy the NC early Season for Whitetail Deer Hunting. We are listed with the North Carolina Wildlife Commission also.

3) You have year round access to 5000 acres+ with two lakes and beaver flooded timber to hunt and fish.

4) In order to provide quality deer and deer hunting experience, we are managing our deer for larger bucks and healthier deer.

5) We have antler restrictions in place to improve the quality of our whitetail bucks.

6) We do harvest does.

7) We are involved in supplemental feeding through feed and food plots. Food plots benefit the deer hunting, wild turkey hunting, quail hunting , dove hunting, duck hunting, squirrel hunting, coon hunting and all wildlife in general.

8) All of our members are screened upon application. You will be joining an organization of quality outdoorsmen with integrity. New Members need a Sponsor to Join.

9) We run a disciplined club. Our members are required to obey state, local and club regulations. Violators will be penalized by suspension or cancellation of membership without refund.

10) All hunting land is available to all members equally. There are no preferred or privileged members. Every acre of land is available to every member.

11) “One member one vote” guarantees all members an equal voice in deciding policies and club rules that the majority deems are in need of change.

12) We are a wildlife check station and are under North Carolina deer management with the North Carolina State Wildlife. Harvest reports are filed by each member after each harvest. This information is taken and we are given a harvest report each year.

13) There is a Club House that will sleep around 40 members. With full amities to cook your meals or enjoy grilling outside.

14) We have sandy roads that give access to the property by two wheel drive vehicles. Also these roads are great for hiking.

15) You’ll meet outdoorsman’s and their families that enjoy the same things you do.

16) You will enjoy our Annual BBQ and Spring Fling for all members and their family. These events have become a 100+ person weekend get together.


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